Quantika leverages on active quantum science researchers, technology transfer experts, scientific communicators, and entrepreneurs to distill timely business intelligence, quantum technology analysis and go-to-market advice.

Nathan Shammah, PhD
Research Scientist
Open-Source Developer

I do theoretical research in solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics. I am lead developer of open-source projects in quantum physics research. I also enjoy experimenting with science communication. Quantum technologies have brought me from Milano to Copenhagen, London, Southampton, and Tokyo. Besides curating the newsletter, I am currently on leave from Quantika as I help build an open quantum community at Unitary Fund.

Robert Marino, PhD
Technology Transfer Expert

I am a co-founder of a technology transfer office where I have managed a portfolio of over 200 IP opportunities and over 40 investments bringing technologies from conception to validation and demonstration. My research background is in experimental quantum communication.

Simone De Liberato, PhD
Serial Entrepreneur

While pursuing my academic research in quantum technologies and nanophotonics, I have also been business active, founding, funding, and developing multiple research startups from the idea to the exit. Due to this double role, over the years I have regularly been solicited to offer both consulting and mentoring from all kind of actors: research centres, investors, and entrepreneurs alike.
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