For Investors
Quantika offers consulting services for clients interested in investing in the emerging area of quantum technologies:

Quantika can identify the best experts and companies to work with for your project’s needs.

Due Diligence
Quantika provides technical support in the assessment of the core strengths and vulnerabilities of a given quantum technology, especially in relation to the confidential process of business acquisition. Quantika introduces you to a broad international network of research-center experts, corporate and startup disruptors.
 For Start-up Creators
Quantika aims at nurturing the emerging quantum deep tech ecosystem with services tailored for both researchers and technology disruptors:

Quantika leverages on an extensive knowledge in start-up creation, business development, and project mentoring to help you design your project and maximize its success.

Academic Liaison
Quantika can activate the relevant nodes of a wide network of scientific experts at the research frontier.
 For Corporate Innovators
Quantika helps corporate innovators to navigate the complex landscape of quantum technologies:

Collaboration assessment
Quantika can maximise the impact of your project by implementing synergic ventures between different work cultures.

Market Analysis
With an extensive mapping of the research and applied landscape of quantum technology, Quantika can provide tailored assessment of commercial opportunities.
 For Institutional Players
Quantika helps academic researchers to spin-off their technology and institutions to reach out to the general public:

To better explore the opportunities of quantum technologies, Quantika can help institutions produce compelling educational material.

Technology Transfer
Through Quantika you can join an existing R&D project or launch an independent proof-of-concept. We also provide services to research collaborations looking for partners in grant applications, IP evaluation and go-to-market scenarios.
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